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Finally, Career Pathing Software designed to retain your employees by empowering them to visualize, map, and track their long term careers at your company.

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When you create clear paths for your employees, it encourages them to pursue career goals within your company instead of searching outside. This transparency puts employees in charge of their careers, gives managers the insight to motivate and develop their teams, and creates an empowered workforce that's firing on all cylinders—working toward your highest corporate priorities.

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Done the right way, career pathing produces powerful results that align with your company's core values, culture, and business drivers so you realize the advantages throughout your organization.

Oh, and it pays for itself if you retain just a few employees!

UX-Focused Design

UX-Focused Design

Make it fun to use! PathSavvy was designed for real employees and real employers, to be easy-to-use and accessible across all devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. PathSavvy lives up to your expectations delivering on a great visual design and intuitive interface to ensure a connected employee.

The Results


Improved Productivity

Productivity improves by 20–25% in organizations with connected employees.

-The McKinsey Global Institute

Career Mapping

Career Mapping

Expand your employees' horizons. PathSavvy's powerful mapping tool allows employees to gain awareness of job types and associated transitional and promotional pathways. As a result, employees can see the whole landscape at your organization and how they can move laterally and vertically.

The Results


More Revenue

Companies with engagement employees have 2.5x more revenue than companies with low engagement levels.


Job Matching

Job Matching

Allow employees to do what they do best. PathSavvy's Job Match Engine empowers employees to match their interests, competencies, and education to roles within your company to find the RIGHT fit. As a result, employees are satisfied and engaged at your company.

The Results


Better Satisfaction

25% of employees would be more satisfied at work if they were given the opportunity to do what they do best.


Action Plans

Action Plans

Motivate employees to stick around. PathSavvy provides customized plans that outline the learning, training, and experiences that are neccessary for employees to drive their careers and reach their goals. Managers can use Action Plans to have meaningful, results-driven discussions about growth and development.

The Results


Say L&D is Most Important

-Udemy, 2018 Millenials At Work Research Report

Competency Modeling

Competency Modeling

Figure out what it takes to do the job. PathSavvy includes crowd-sourcing tools to help model competencies across all the jobs at your company, saving time and money while providing a framework to use in any competency-related activity across your organization.

The Results


Less Time

Using Jobs Blueprint to model competencies requires 70% less time than manual approaches.

Insights & Transparency

Insights & Transparency

Be insight-driven! PathSavvy transforms data into insights that reveal workforce trends and gaps that allow you to plan ahead for hiring and training, as well as align your employees with your company's strategic direction. With robust reporting, managers and executives visualize successes and challenges in the workforce.

The Results

8x Faster

Growth by Insight-Driven Orgs

Insight-Driven organizations are growing 8x faster than the global GDP.

-2017 report, Insights-Driven Businesses Set The Pace For Global Growth

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Career pathing does not have to be hard. PathSavvy makes it easy with these add-on tools.

Set the Stage

Job Family Alignment

Group your company's jobs to help employees explore opportunities and plan their careers.

Competency Framework Development

We can build a framework that not only supports PathSavvy but all your other competency needs. CAEL has decades of experience creating frameworks to support job definition, education alignment, and career growth.

Jobs Blueprint

Crowdsourcing among your employees to develop the requirements for your roles. Automating the process saves months of time, hundreds (or thousands) of senior-level hours, and ensures a model that represents your organization.

Leverage all your Data

Talent Management Strategy Alignment

Get the most out of PathSavvy and all your talent management activities by digging into strategic alignments so PathSavvy reinforces your existing processes and they, in turn, encourage use (and ROI) of PathSavvy.

Retain and Grow

Internal Talent Finder

Flip the PathSavvy matching algorithm on its head to empower your recruiting team to find the best matches for open roles inside your company, augmenting—not replacing—existing talent acquisition processes.

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Whether you have 200 or 200,000 employees, PathSavvy has you covered.

Our Strategic Alliance

PathSavvy was build in partnership between Super Humane and CAEL

CAEL: Linking Learning and Work Super Humane: Empathy + Technology

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